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For Accomplished Students, Reaching a Good College Isn’t as Hard as it Seems


Publish Date: 11/24/2014

The number of students applying to colleges—and the number of colleges each student applies to—has been climbing in recent years. However, statistics on college acceptance rates are artificially low due in part to the sheer number of schools students individually apply to. As the college application process migrates online, it is even easier for students to apply to multiple colleges. Some apply to 20 or more colleges in the hopes of finding the one elite college that is the right match.

Students can only go to one college, though, and their application to the other 19 colleges skews the statistics to be artificially low. The real statistic to look at is the number of top students who get into at least one highly ranked school, which is at 80%. Elite colleges receive applications from all students, not just the top students, and they almost immediately reject those students that are under qualified. So, as long as students earn good grades, score well on the SAT or ACT, and keep working hard, they still have a four in five chance to get into a good college.

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