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Guided by ongoing research at Stanford University, provides innovative personalized programs that help students become advanced learners in Mathematics and English. Students work independently or with the support of a Tutor.
Who Can Benefit?
Kindergarten through 12th-grade students of all backgrounds can benefit from enrolling in our personalized courses. Whether supplementing school, preparing for tests or homeschooling, we accelerate learning.
Featured Courses
Math & English Combined

This dual enrollment allows students to become advanced learners in two courses simultaneously: Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition and Language Arts & Writing, all at a discounted rate - the equivalent of 50% off the second course. Perfect for after school learning, summer learning, and homeschooling.
Redbird Mathematics

Math games, digital projects, and cool videos, oh my! A variety of instructional methods ensures student fun and learning. For students in grades Kindergarten through 7.
Language Arts & Writing

Students utilize innovative language technology to develop advanced reading and writing skills. Unlike any other program, this course provides students with error-specific writing feedback on sentences and paragraphs. For students in grades 2 through 7.
Beginning Algebra

Students cover concepts including the real number system, solving equations and inequalities, and more in this foundational algebra course. For students in grades 8 and 9.
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Accelerate Learning with a Tutor
Students who use our Tutors finish 2+ grades ahead! Our courses offer tutoring services from dedicated experts who specialize in helping students become advanced learners. Our tutors provide unlimited support to students on each family's schedule!

Maxwell K.
Maxwell has a teaching credential and a degree in pure mathematics. When he's not tutoring students for, he enjoys biking and surfing.
Student Results
Parents Say...
I absolutely LOVE this program.
It changes with the child's level of learning and comprehension.
And, I get GREAT reports.
Erin R, parent of 1st grader
Thank you, and keep the comprehensive, innovative, and educational solutions coming.
Andie K, parent of a 4th grader
The best online learning
program for talented kids!!!
Synthia H, parent of 2nd grader