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Grades 2–7
Students utilize multi-media lectures and associated exercises structured to foster student literacy and critical thinking in the areas of language arts and writing. Choose Independent Study or to explore with the help of a Tutor, or choose our dual enrollment offering: Math and English Combined.

Students utilize innovative language technology to develop advanced reading and writing skills. Unlike any other program, this course provides students with error-specific writing feedback on sentences and paragraphs.

This dual enrollment allows students to become advanced learners in two courses simultaneously: Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition and Language Arts & Writing, all at a discounted rate—the equivalent of 50% off the second course. Perfect for after school learning, summer learning, and homeschooling.
Grades 8–9
Students focus on the comprehension of grammar, from advanced sentence structure to sentence analysis, as well as other grammatical topics.

This course is designed to help students understand the grammar of a sentence and to make stylistic choices informed by their knowledge of grammar.
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