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Grammar and Style
of the Sentence
Grades 8–9
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About the Course

Students learn to understand the grammar of the sentence and cover numerous areas of study, from advanced sentence structure to sentence analysis, and other advanced grammatical topics.

This course is designed to help students understand the grammar of the sentence and to make stylistic choices informed by their knowledge of grammar.

What Makes Grammar and Style of the Sentence Different?
Sentence Diagramming
Students learn sentence diagramming. The student uses the sentence diagramming tool to practice this skill. Launch Video
Semicolons & Commas
In this demo, students learn how to combine clauses using semi-colons and commas. Students practice with exercises. The system provides specialized feedback if the student's response is incorrect. Launch Video
Run-Together Sentences
In this demo, students learn about run together sentences. Examples are shown on the instruction screen. Topics covered include run together sentences, colons, and comma splices. Launch Video
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Additional Details

Grammar and Style of the Sentence is delivered entirely online and begins immediately upon completion of your enrollment.

Recommended usage: 60-90 minutes per week. On average, students complete one grade level within 5 months.

Skills Covered: The course features numerous areas of study, including advanced sentence structure, clauses, punctuation, parts of speech, and sentence analysis. Download the Grammar and Style of the Sentence Course Outline.

Prerequisites: Language Arts & Writing or equivalent

System Requirements: Web-based courses offered by depend on browser plug-ins for delivery of educational content. This course requires Windows operating system, an internet connection, browsers and installed versions of the latest Java JVM and Flash Player plug-ins. These courses will not run on mobile devices and outdated operating systems as a result. A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and sound output support are highly recommended.

Note: This course requires a Windows PC.

Windows 8.1, Firefox, Adobe Flash Player 16, Java 1.7u65+

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if this course is right for my child?

Initial placement decisions for most courses are determined using input from a student and their parents. If you need assistance in choosing a course, please use our Course Advisor wizard. You can also chat or email us here.

What is the recommended time a student should spend on each course?

To help students achieve their maximum potential, we recommend that they work in each course at least 20-30 minutes daily, a minimum of 3 days a week. For more information on schedules that our G& students have used to accelerate their learning for each course, click here.

What happens if my student finishes the course early?

If the student finishes the course with time remaining in his/her quarter, he/she can continue to the next course in sequence with the remaining time for no additional cost. To complete a course transfer, contact a member of our Customer Experience Team.

Grammar & Style Grades: 8–9

$445 quarterly
(3 months)