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How It Works
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Helping Students Become Advanced Learners
Our personalized learning approach includes adaptive technology, immediate progress assessments, and expert tutoring. This unique combination of innovative technology, feedback, and dedicated tutoring has been proven to dramatically accelerate our students to become some of the world's most advanced learners.
Personalized Learning for Each Student
Our personalized learning technology benefits from trillions of data points resulting from decades of Stanford University research. Our programs automatically adapt to meet each student's unique needs based on a variety of data inputs with the goal of ensuring foundational knowledge while accelerating learning.
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Accelerate with One-to-One Expert Tutoring
Our expert tutors have deep subject mastery and experience developing advanced learners. On average, students working with tutors finish 2+ grades ahead. In addition to working with students on a one-on-one basis, our tutors lead digital classroom sessions for small groups and communicate with students via video chat, phone, and email.
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Immediate Progress Feedback in our Learning Center
The automated reporting tools within our Learning Center provide precise data regarding each student's progress. Performance data is summarized in real-time reports made available to students and parents. The Learning Center also provides access to an array of parental controls and communication tools.
Progress reporting and more in the Learning Center
Proven Results Backed by 25 Years of Research was born out of 25 years of Stanford University research and development of digital learning technologies that help students become advanced learners. More than 1 million students and families have used our programs to enhance their learning experience and maximize achievement. Recent independent research has confirmed that our adaptive learning programs are proven to accelerate achievement for a variety of students.
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