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Grades K–7
This revolutionary mathematics course uses the latest in gamification, digital project-based learning, and adaptive instruction to develop the foundations for Algebra readiness.
Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition

Math games, digital projects, and cool videos, oh my! A variety of instructional methods ensures student fun and learning.
Math & English Combined

This dual enrollment allows students to become advanced learners in two courses simultaneously: Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition and Language Arts & Writing, all at a discounted rate—the equivalent of 50% off the second course. Perfect for after school learning, summer learning, and homeschooling.
Grades 8–12
From Beginning Algebra to Calculus, our award-winning Secondary Mathematics programs include a wide range of courses. These programs are often used as critical components of SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement (AP) and college preparation.
Beginning Algebra

Students tackle concepts including the real number system, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials and exponents, factoring and applications, rational expressions, graphing linear equations, linear systems, roots and radicals, and quadratic equations.
Intermediate Algebra

Learn intermediate-level algebraic concepts, including real numbers; linear equations and inequalities; exponents and polynomials; rational expressions; and more.
Geometry: Intro to Proofs

This highly intensive course, designed by Stanford mathematicians, teaches students in grades 11 and 12 geometry through the lens of formal logic. Not only will students learn geometric properties, but they will also understand how they are derived directly from the axioms.

Designed to give students a rigorous foundation in all the mathematical concepts they need to learn prior to taking calculus.

This course covers much of what is generally covered in a first-year and second-year college calculus courses and can be a major component of Advanced Placement (AP) preparation.
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