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Our rigorous physics courses are personalized to help students excel and achieve the highest levels of academic excellence in the areas of introductory physics and mechanics as well as electricity and magnetism.
Introductory Physics

Our course teaches what is generally covered in a first-year and second-year physics courses and can be a major component of Advanced Placement (AP) preparation.

This course covers advanced topics in mechanics, including systems of measurement, motion in one dimension, motion in two and three dimensions, Newton's Laws, work and energy, systems of particles, and more while helping students prepare for the Physics C: Mechanics Advanced Placement (AP) exam.
Electricity and Magnetism

Students will cover advanced topics in electricity and magnetism, including the electric field and potential, electrostatics, DC currents, the magnetic field, electromagnetic induction, AC circuits, and Maxwell's equations and prepares students for the Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Advanced Placement (AP) exam.
Learning a new language has never been easier! Our tutor-supported programming courses cover Java, C Programming, and compound data types to ensure our students are well prepared to meet future digital demands.
Introductory Java

This course introduces the concept of object-oriented programming using the Java language, including the basic object oriented programming; advanced features of java.lang including exceptions, interfaces, and threads; and a tour of the libraries, including utilities, i/o, applets and AWT, and Java's abstract window toolkit.
Introductory C Programming

Students explore topics including basic syntax, data types, expressions, control statements, and interaction between the compiler and the hardware.
Programming in C

This course covers topics including arrays, functions, passing arrays to functions, sorting algorithms, user defined types, and recursion. The programming exercises are oriented towards learning top-down design and structured programming.
Compound Data Types

The course focuses on implementing data structures, the key organizing factor to formalize design methods and programming languages. This course includes advanced topics that are useful for modern programming applications.
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