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Activist. Author. Founder of the Green Kids Now Non-Profit

Pavan Gowda, 14
Pavan’s environmental activism began at 8 years old and turned quickly into a sustainability conference for hundreds of children!

Pavan Gowda began his activism for the environment at 8 years old. In the 6 years since then, he has founded a non-profit, began and ran a conference for children focused on environmental activism, and wrote two books. This young man allows his passion for a cleaner earth to propel him into new venture after new venture, from a bottle cap recycling program to a membership position in the North American Association of Environmental Educators. This passion grew from his after school work, where he would spend hours researching environmental issues while still in the 3rd grade.

EPGY, now, helped serve as a catalyst for this after school activity, teaching him how to work independently to complete his own goals. Pavan created his own website where he wrote on environmental activities that kids could easily do and posted information on local environmental events. Pavan eventually saw the need for a space for children to learn about environmental issues and have a showcase to share their findings and projects. Pavan managed to debut his Green Kids Conference at the Microsoft conference center to 800 attendees.

Since that first conference, Pavan has continued his environmental efforts, including writing 2 books. The second book he wrote is called Gecko Boy - The Battle of Fracking. The science-fiction tale delves into the effects of hydrofracking on the environment and includes relevant science facts at the end. Pavan’s current focus centers on shifting the catchphrase of the environmental movement from the traditional R’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot” to more forward thinking R’s. His new R’s, “Rethink, Redesign, Restore” puts the emphasis on changing future behavior instead of trying to repair yesterday’s mistakes. He delivered this message in the Founder’s Speech at the 4th annual Green Kids Conference, detailing how his new R’s will help revitalize how the general population think about being green. His continued efforts in the environmental scene shows a passion and dedication that belies his 14 years.

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